May 10th 2021

Today I had a completely meat-free Monday, but more by accident than design.

It started, as days tend to, with breakfast. I’d been away from home all weekend so hadn’t been shopping, which meant that instead of my daily ham philly egg and rocket bagel, I had a bowl of porridge with honey, almonds and cocoa powder. Still a full breakfast, to be fair, just without the usual meat.

Lunch is where I mostly freestyled it a little bit with my go-to cheap, lazy lunch: A packet of jasmine rice, two julienned spring onions, some crushed peanuts, salad leaves, a fried egg, and a soy/sriracha sauce. Even though I hadn’t been shopping, all of that stuff is always in my fridge, so if I really can’t be bothered to cook, I’ll eat that. As basic as it sounds, it’s actually quite nice, and has a nice balance.

Dinner was perhaps the most intentionally meat-free meal of the day, even though I had a fajitas. Well, I guess it ended up being more of a burrito. A few weeks ago I saw some meatless chicken-style pieces in Tesco, and picked them up for a rainy day. I figured I could leave them in the freezer and then in a pinch I’d still have something to base a meal around. And that’s kinda what happened.

I fried with shallots, a pepper, garlic and chillis, and turned it into somewhat of a fajita mix. However, I realised I only had one wrap left, so figured I’d need something to pad it out. Enter: uncle Ben’s Mexican rice.

And so, with some philly, chipotle sauce, and Parmesan (it was the only cheese I had), I made a veggie burrito with fake meat to complete my meat-free Monday.

Don’t pretend this is part of some new leaf where I’m going to be healthy and conscientious. It may be completely off-brand for me to go veggie for a day, but it is also completely on-brand for me to be too lazy to go and buy fresh food and be forced to scramble up three random meals using store cupboard scraps and freezer finds.

Until tomorrow, I miss bacon already.


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