May 11th 2021

Today I was lured into a chatty haircut and I didn’t hate it. I mean, the cynic in me says that she was only being nice to me because she wants repeat business, but the introvert in me didn’t have any problem opening up to her about my life’s problems.

She’s good at what she does, to be fair.

I guess chatting to strange people is a big part of her role as a barber. Though chatting to strange people is not usually a big part of my life.

I guess it was either that or sit in silence for the best part of an hour, and I think even I’m too awkward for that.

Also, to be fair, my hair looks really good and so does my beard. So as well as being a good therapist, she was also a good hairdresser.

Until tomorrow, it was worth 30 quid.


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