May 15th 2021

Today I moved house. Or at least, that’s what the DVLA think. A friend of mine recently got £4,000 in parking fines which increased with interest because the fines were sent to her old address.

It got me thinking I should probably check if my address in my car’s logbook was updated.

To no-one’s surprise, it wasn’t.

I’ve lived here for like 18 months and although I do remember updating the address on my drivers license, I guess I never updated the car.


So like, I’m hoping that I too am not suddenly presented with a load of parking fines, because that would kinda suck.

Also, it turns out that it’s actually like really easy to update your address. You just fill in some form on the government website. Not sure why id never done it before.

Mum, this is one of those blogs which I’d prefer that you didn’t read out loud to dad. If he asks what I wrote about, just make up some jibberish and claim that I was drunk again.

Until tomorrow, he’ll believe you.


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