May 16th 2021

Today I decided I’m the kind of person who goes on hikes now. I mean, I literally spent all day today sat on the sofa watching Netflix, but I planned to go hiking, and that’s something. I saw an Instagram post from a friend of mine who hiked Fan Y Big today. (I’m sorry, but that name will never not be funny to me)

Look how pretty:

I’ve seen a few of the exact same photo of the exact pose in the exact same place, and every single time it astounds me.

I know that if I went there that I wouldn’t sit over the edge (I’m not afraid of heights, I’m afraid of dying) but I want to see the view.

Every time I’ve hiked in the past I’ve loved it, so I’m going to start doing it again. There’s so many beautiful places within this country to explore, and while we can’t hop on a plane, we can hike up a mountain(/hill).

And so I’m gonna start doing it. I immediately text a group of mates who I knew would be interested, and then another group too. And now I just need to plan it. I am not the planner of any group I’m in, so this could go badly.

Also, Jim says I need to get hiking boots and waterproofs and all that shit. Which I might. Or I might just yolo it up a mountain in a pair of converse. Again.

The first trip I’ll do is to the Brecons.

Until tomorrow, when that will be, I don’t yet know.


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