May 22nd 2021

Today my sister continued milking her 30th birthday as we celebrated it for what must be at least the 5th time this month.

We all went round for a family barbecue. I say barbecue as more of a general term for people eating outside in a garden, because there was no actually barbecued food. Instead, there was more food than I could possibly name with words so instead here’s a picture:

Steve, to be fair to him, absolutely smashed it. There were, at a guess, 15 people he had to feed, and he did so very well. So well in fact, that I ate so much that I had to have a post-food nap from eating too much.

It was nice to be outside. It even attempted not to rain for most of it. For a little bit it did rain, but mostly it was sunny. Look, Kirstyn was wearing sunglasses and everything:

All in all, a solid family day with most of my favourite people.

Until tomorrow, happy birthmonth Kirstyn.


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