May 23rd 2021

Today I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I might want a baby one day. Do men get broody? Is that a thing?

I spent today with my niece, Sophia, and she’s just a love. I don’t think I did an altogether terrible job of keeping her entertained, and she didn’t cry when I picked her up, so I’m counting that as a win. And so that made me think of what it would be like to have a family of my own.

I think I was always either too cynical or too single to want a family, but now that I’m maybe a tiny bit less of both, I think I’d think about it.

I mean, I know it’s short-sighted to think that because it was fun for a few hours that it would be something I’d want, and like, I didn’t even have to change her or feed her or anything, but it was just nice to feel complete and utter love and joy from being around her, so like, I can see why people do it.

Also, look how cute:

That kind of unconditional “I would do anything to make you happy” love is rare, in my experience, but it’s pure and it’s beautiful and having more of it would not be a bad thing.

I am some way off being in the position where I can have a baby with someone, but I guess it’s nice to know that I might be open to it.

Until tomorrow, look how cute.


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