May 24th 2021

Today I spent £250 on furniture. Which might not be a lot to you, but it’s a lot to me. For some people that’s like a quarter of a sofa, but for me it’s a bookcase, a rug, some curtains, three pieces of art, a coffee table, and a floor lamp.

Writing out everything I get for that money has actually made me feel better about spending it.

For a while I’ve been putting off buying things for the flat, because it’s not my place, and it seems pointless putting too much time effort or energy into a place that I don’t own. I was thinking of buying a house but that thought never lasts too long, so I guess I’ve gone back to the idea of decorating the place in which I’m living instead.

And so I’ve bought a load of new stuff for the living room, in the hope of making it a place worth living in. I’m very happy with my haul, and it’s all being delivered this week so I’ll do a cheeky before and after pic if you want.

Until tomorrow, furniture.


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