May 25th 2021

Today I spent £120 on trains. It’s been an expensive week. I’m going to Liverpool next month and so had to book my train ticket. £65 return. In doing so I realised that the ticket I booked to London this weekend was a single, so I’m going to have to buy a return ticket too. Train prices are a bit of a farce aren’t they.

When I graduated University I bought an interrail pass which gave me unlimited train travel around Europe, and that was like £300 for a month. I’ve spent over a third of that today on two tickets. And Liverpool is hardly Barcelona or Munich or Vienna is it. (I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been)

I never checked, but I think that Interrail ticket became invalid when Britain left the European Union. Something something Schengen agreement. It’s weird that that happened. We’ve been a bit busy with the pandemic thing to notice it I guess. The big impact it was going to have on my life was on travel, but then we couldn’t do that anyway. Suspicious? I think… not.

This post is a mess. What was I saying?

Oh yeah. Trains. It probably would have been worth buying a railcard. I let mine expire and didn’t renew it because, well, we haven’t been allowed to go anywhere. But now we can! So maybe I should have bought one before I spent £120 on trains.

Until tomorrow, oh well.


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