May 28th 2021

Today Lloyds didn’t believe that I could have spent as much money as I did. I spent £200 on decoration-type things three days after I spent £200 on furniture-type things, which meant that when I spent £110 on dinner, my card was declined.


It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how recently you got paid (today! I swear), having your card declined will always be awkward.

This is what it was declined for:

And this is why it was declined:

I bought new stuff! A rug and a lamp and a side table and a shelf and some curtains. It looks better than that fisheye lenses makes it looks. I also bought a plant.

And then I bought dinner. Which Lloyds was confused about. It was like, dude, this is not what you do. Are you okay? Usually on a Friday night you spend £1.75 on a Tesco pizza. And that’s true. Lloyds is not wrong. I would’ve preferred that Lloyds didn’t decline my card in that situation though. It declined it at the Tavern. Savage.

Until tomorrow, even Apple Pay didn’t work.


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