May 29th 2021

Today I’m in London. Dirty dicks. Pergola. Sainsbury’s.

Somehow I never eat actual food when I’m in London, so today I ate a Sainsbury’s meal deal. And that’s pretty standard to be fair.

Imagine spending £60 on trains and then getting a ham and mustard sandwich for dinner. That’s the life when you’re in London with Duff. It’s 30 minutes from Paddington to Liverpool Street. And then it’s 30 minutes the other way.

Pergola is a gaff.

To begin with we had one of the beach huts, but that wasn’t the right vibe so we ended up right up in it.

The tube home is as a buzzkill and so was the champions league final to be fair. But we move. And we roll. And we move.

Until tomorrow, and we move.


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