June 30th 2021 Today I’m back from a night in Bath. I am feeling very happy right now, because for the past 36 hours I’ve basically just ate lovely food, walked around in the sun, and relaxed in the spa. We stayed at the Gainsborough, which is a hotel far too fancy for me, but came with free use of the spa. Something something the only spa in the UK directly plugged into a hot spring. Which is cool. There’s also hot baths and a sauna and a steam room but all three of those give me heart palpitations, so … Continue reading Gainsborough


June 29th 2021 Today we had fancy dinner and stayed at a fancy hotel. It was at a place called Raphael’s in Bath. Potentially just Raphael. No possessive. As ever, we ordered an inappropriate amount of food for two people and ended up uncomfortably full. Until tomorrow, we never learn. Jacn Continue reading Raphael


June 28th 2021 Today I should really start doing my weird shit in the name of content. I feel like I should be having something to write about, but there’s a bit of a lull right now. Work is positive, which leads to few rants. Maybe I could write about in what ways it’s positives, but that’s uninteresting to most. I’m deliberately not doing much over the last week or so because I’ve got a lot coming up in July, with two back to back golf weekends. So right now I’m kinda just chilling. And so there’s a lack of … Continue reading Lull


June 27th 2021 Today I’m not sure I have anything in the least bit interesting to write about. That’s not to imply that I believe that the stuff I usually write about is in any way interesting, but at least it’s usually something. Nothing happened to me today. It was completely uninteresting. And it was great. I followed up my nothing day yesterday with another day of doing nothing. Because I’ve decided to take a week off of running I didn’t even leave the flat again. I will do tomorrow though. I’ve had my rest week and now I need … Continue reading Uninteresting


June 26th 2021 Today I had the exact kind of lazy Saturday that I’ve been crying out for. I feel like I’ve been busy for all of June, and that I’m busy for all of July, so today I did nothing. I didn’t leave the house once. I didn’t get out of my pyjamas. I just sat around and did nothing. And it was brilliant. I’ve got about £40 left in my bank account for this month, and I’m still not feeling well from my weekend away in Liverpool last week, so I needed a quiet, cheap weekend full of … Continue reading Exact


June 25th 2021 Today I had four bread-based meals. One of those meals has a side portion of bread. I am a very bready boy today. I had a bagel for breakfast, which is like religious bread because it’s holy. I had a sandwich for lunch, which is traditional bread. Then I had a wrap as a mid-afternoon snack, which is like squished frisbee bread. Then I had a pizza for dinner, which is the king of bread, and a side order of garlic bread which is like the king of bread also. Don’t make me choose between my kings. … Continue reading Bready


June 23rd 2021 Today I got a buzz from being in the office again. I booked out a meeting room for the first time in like 18 months. And three of us just sat around the table with ideas and good vibes, and it was great, and positive and encouraging, and I just want work to be like that again. Even if it’s just 3 days a week. We had our company wide all-hands (I assume that’s an industry wide term that worth people will understand) and there were a lot of people who were saying they’d be happy with … Continue reading Conferencing


June 22nd 2021 Today it’s weird because I can feel this bug I’ve got moving through it’s stages. There was the shivers stage that came and went after a particularly rough night sleep. There was the dizziness stage which made me lose my running streak. There was the toilet stage which, well, let’s not. There was the loss of appetite stage which I guess made sense. Then there was the headache stage, and now I’m in the “is this done now?” stage. I guess I should be thankful that all of those things have come in phases instead of all … Continue reading Stages


June 21st 2021 Today the streak is over. After 412 days of running 5k every single day, the streak is over, and I didn’t run today. After a boozy weekend in Liverpool, I went for a run last night and immediately started to feel dodgy. I felt weak and dizzy and warm, and that continued all through the night. I woke up every five minutes in a hot sweat, and felt faint every time I got up to go to the bathroom. I think I caught some kind of stomach bug, or something. This morning when I woke up I … Continue reading Over