June 3rd 2021 Today I mostly just stayed at home and tried to avoid making any bad life choices. It went well. I made very few bad life choices. Today, at least. That is not a claim that I can claim much wider than the sphere of today. Those were definitely words. In an order. Potentially even the right order. Anyway. I was in no way destructive, and that’s something. Like, I could have been, but I decided to just sit in and watch Netflix instead. So that’s something. Now I just need to repeat that behaviour for like a … Continue reading Destructive


June 2nd 2021 Today I couldn’t tell whether to laugh or cry at Bo Burnham’s new Netflix special Inside. And I think that, as ever, was the point. It’s brilliant. I can’t recommend that you watch it, though, because I don’t know if you’d enjoy it. It’s a very specific type of thing. It’s reverential, depressing, claustrophobic, unnerving, revealing, political, self-reflective. It starts funny, and then it gets serious, and then it just gets sad. I don’t really know what it even is. But it’s brilliant. The ingenuity in the production is insane, the awareness behind the gags is always … Continue reading Inside