June 2nd 2021

Today I couldn’t tell whether to laugh or cry at Bo Burnham’s new Netflix special Inside. And I think that, as ever, was the point.

It’s brilliant. I can’t recommend that you watch it, though, because I don’t know if you’d enjoy it. It’s a very specific type of thing. It’s reverential, depressing, claustrophobic, unnerving, revealing, political, self-reflective. It starts funny, and then it gets serious, and then it just gets sad. I don’t really know what it even is. But it’s brilliant.

The ingenuity in the production is insane, the awareness behind the gags is always on point, and the wordplay is typically cutting.

It’s one man’s descent into madness during a year locked inside. Relatable for most of the world amirite.

I dunno.

Until tomorrow, inside.


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