June 5th 2021

Today I played a game of golf mostly alone. I say mostly because I was surrounded by people and sheep.

I played Cleeve Hill Golf Club, which is a common course, which means it’s public land so any old person can roam about. Any young person can too. Also, any young or old sheep can roam about too.

It’s less of a golf course and more of a huge plot of land that someone has stuck 18 pins in to.

As you can imagine from any golf course that has sheep for green keepers, it wasn’t exactly well maintained. It also wasn’t particularly well signposted. On two occasions I teed off and then realised I was playing the wrong hole. On the second occasion it turned out that I was actually playing the right hole, but the fact that I got confused kind of proves the point.

Still though, it was a round of golf on a sunny day with a beautiful view.

It was weird playing alone. I think I’ve only ever done it once before. Without the pressure of the competition that comes from playing with someone else, I actually ended up playing quite well. I flushed more irons in a round today than I ever have.

I couldn’t putt for toffee, but that probably says more about the state of the greens than my putting ability. Maybe.

Speaking of which, I don’t think I’ve ever played a golf course which has electric fences around the greens before.

I assume it’s to stop the sheep from shitting on the greens. Not even the courses I’ve played in Swindon have to take precautions to stop locals shitting on the greens.

I thought I’d hate playing alone, and I thought it would feel weird. And it did a bit. But it was nice to be out.

Until tomorrow, and at least I had the sheep for company.


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