June 6th 2021

Today I noticed I have a habit of talking to myself a fair bit. Actually I noticed it yesterday when I was playing golf I just forgot to mention it in my blog yesterday so here we are.

Because I was by myself I was like commentating on my shots, or narrating the hole as I played it.

That’s not an uncommon scenario for me. I’ll frequently say like “for fuck’s sake James”, and talk to myself by name. I don’t know if that’s weird. Maybe it is.

Ive also noticed that I mostly hate talking about myself. I just feel like I shouldn’t include other people in my problems because they won’t care. And of course if they’re close friends they will care, but between those points I just don’t see the point.

That isn’t how it works though is it. I dunno. I just feel like I’m not the only one with shit to talk about, so I should let other people talk about their shit if my shit isn’t going to be interesting.

Until tomorrow, what’s your shit?


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