June 8th 2021

Today I had a completely pleasant experience at the doctor’s surgery. I’ve had this infected bite/lump thing on my neck for a couple of weeks and I’d usually just wait for it to go away, but this one was aggressive enough for me to think it was worthwhile going to a doctor about it.

Usually I hate going to the doctors. I tend to think that I’m wasting their time with a superficial ailment that is not interesting or worrying to them at all. I tell you what though, the place was empty when I got there so they probably would have appreciated having something to do.

I guess covid has either killed off all the sick people or quarantine has stopped the spread of other diseases. Either that or it was 4pm on a Tuesday.

I did this like online consultation thing early this morning, and then the doctor phoned and asked for some pictures, which I uploaded by replying to a text they sent, and then they called me in for a consultation.

It was the smoothest, most surreal doctors experience I’ve ever had. It was high-tech, quick, and quiet. None of which I usually associate with the NHS.

Also, it was free. Like I know that’s obvious to most people reading this but I do have like 6 American readers. Howdy.

And like, I could have dealt with queues and screaming babies in waiting rooms and receptionists with desktop PCs running Windows 98. Im okay with bad doctors experiences as long as they’re free, but this was good AND free.

I got some antibiotics. He told me to send him a message on the surgery’s online chat feature if the swelling didn’t go down, and he sent my prescription to the pharmacy over the road from my house. No paper. No fuss.

It was refreshing. Maybe it’s a Cheltenham thing. It must just be Swindon where the doctors are crap or something…


Until tomorrow, long live the NHS, except for like all the shit parts of it which I’m not gonna go into.


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