June 10th 2021 Today I had a job interview and it’s really hard to tell how I did. I had no opportunity to talk about any of the stuff I’d prepared, and instead the interview was more of a test. He asked some more practical questions than questions about my current work or my skillset. He asked some questions about what I would do to deliver the company more revenue if I got the job, and it’s kinda hard to answer that without knowing any real details about the company or how they operate. I know that mostly he was … Continue reading Televisions


June 9th 2021 Today I got the first dose of my Covid vaccine and found myself having an inexplicable affinity towards Bill Gates. And then I noticed a blacked out car starting to follow me home. I also hear a mysterious ticking noise* within my subconscious, I’m sure it’s nothing. *shout out you if you got that reference Nah but really, my only real side effect was that I did unexpectedly find myself wanting to tell people that I’d had my vaccine. It’s like a weird badge of honour. Except it’s not weird. It’s a good thing to be proud … Continue reading Vaccine