June 16th 2021

Today I’ve bottled the third course after fretting about it for an hour. The first course was fine. It was sushi. It was already made. I just put it on a plate and made it look pretty:

The second course was only slightly more difficult. It was gyoza. At least I actually had to cook that course.

The third course I think there was just too much going on for me to handle. I did like all the trimmings. Pickled carrots. Pickled radishes. Sugar snaps. Duck. It was mostly the duck that was the issue. Jamie said to look it for 8 mins skin side down then 5 mins in the oven, but 8 mins seems like an easy way to burn it. So I maybe did like 4 and 5.

And it didn’t go great.

It wasn’t my finest effort. But it’s fine. It’s not like I’ve been fretting over it for the rest of the night or anything. (I have)

You know it’s been an unsuccessful meal when you plate it up and then you have to put it back into the pan to recook it.

Until tomorrow, I fucked it.


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