June 20th 2021 Today I’m going to review the city of Liverpool in probably at most three paragraphs. This one doesn’t count. Nor does this one. I realise my last two posts about my time in Liverpool were both brief and incoherent, and I only endeavour to fix one of those things in this post, because I need to sleep. Ready? Here goes: The city is lovely – I was surprised by how clean, grand, and designed it was. The scousers are friendly – we were out for breakfast and the guy on the table next to us asked if … Continue reading Scousers


June 19th 2021 Today I did the Liver of all pub crawls. I don’t know if liver is an adjective. It’ll work though. We did an inside bar and then an outside bar then an underground bar. I didn’t realise inside underground bars were a thing, but apparently they are. Until tomorrow, I had a kebab. Jacn Continue reading Liver