June 20th 2021

Today I’m going to review the city of Liverpool in probably at most three paragraphs. This one doesn’t count.

Nor does this one.

I realise my last two posts about my time in Liverpool were both brief and incoherent, and I only endeavour to fix one of those things in this post, because I need to sleep. Ready? Here goes:

The city is lovely – I was surprised by how clean, grand, and designed it was. The scousers are friendly – we were out for breakfast and the guy on the table next to us asked if we minded if he lit a cigarette. That request for permission has never happened to me before, even sometimes from people I’ve actually been sat with.

The food is crap and there isn’t a single independent coffee shop in the whole city. I didn’t have a good meal or a decent coffee in my whole three days there. The booze is cheap though, if not mostly unvaried. There’s so many places to go drinking, and we went to quite a few of them.

Until tomorrow, turns out I only needed two paragraphs.


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