June 21st 2021

Today the streak is over. After 412 days of running 5k every single day, the streak is over, and I didn’t run today.

After a boozy weekend in Liverpool, I went for a run last night and immediately started to feel dodgy. I felt weak and dizzy and warm, and that continued all through the night. I woke up every five minutes in a hot sweat, and felt faint every time I got up to go to the bathroom.

I think I caught some kind of stomach bug, or something. This morning when I woke up I could barely stand up without a head rush sitting me on my arse again, so going for a run would have been a terrible idea. I’m also not sure I could have gone a full half hour without throwing up.

This evening I’ve started to feel a little bit better, and honestly, if I tried to go for a run right now I probably could, but I also probably shouldn’t. My body had told me that it had had enough, and so I need to listen to it.

I’m annoyed that the streak is over, and mostly because I know in my heart that this means I won’t run tomorrow either.

But also, running today would have been an awful idea so I’m kind of okay with it.

Until tomorrow, 412 and out.


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