June 23rd 2021

Today I got a buzz from being in the office again. I booked out a meeting room for the first time in like 18 months. And three of us just sat around the table with ideas and good vibes, and it was great, and positive and encouraging, and I just want work to be like that again.

Even if it’s just 3 days a week.

We had our company wide all-hands (I assume that’s an industry wide term that worth people will understand) and there were a lot of people who were saying they’d be happy with working remotely all the time. But nah, not me.

I get the benefit of working from home when there are days where you’ve got a lot of tasks to complete, but no amount of Google Meets can make up for the vibe of sitting around a meeting room table sharing ideas and feeling good about it.

I rarely feel good about meetings anymore. There’s always agenda or beef or friction, and I don’t know if that’s helped by the more one-way communication that is mostly necessary with video conferencing.

Until tomorrow, more good vibes please.


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