June 24th 2021

Today this blog passed 100,000 all time views.

I had no idea that that was a milestone I was anywhere near, nor did I know that the WordPress app would announce it like that. That’s quite cool.

I’ve posted a blog to this site every day since I started on January 1st 2015. Google tells me that is 2,366 days in total. Maths tells me that that’s on average 40 people viewing these blogs every day.

I couldn’t even name forty people!

If I were to get married, I don’t think I could list 40 people whom I wanted to invite, but somehow on average 40 people check this blog each day to see how I am and what I’m up to. Thats pretty cool.

In the Venn diagram of ‘People I would invite to my wedding’ and ‘People who read this blog’, the overlap in the centre is probably about 10 people, so there’s still on average 30 strangers out there who particularly enjoy reading posts about what I had for dinner or what mental state I’m in or the absolute drivel I write when I’m (not infrequently) drunk.

I don’t know why the 10 wants to read this bollocks, so I definitely don’t know why the 30 do.

As ever, though, this blog remains mostly for me, as a way to get down on ‘paper’ both the memories that will one day fade, and the feelings that I can’t quite express out loud.

It’s catharsis, it’s calming, and mostly it’s a chore. But here we are. 2,366 days and 100,000 views from like 15,000 unique people.

2021 has been my worst year even in terms of views, and likes and comments, and all that stuff, but it’s also been a shit year for #content. The pandemic has meant that I have no stories to tell you, and the stories that I do have I’ve decided to keep secret.

Also I’ve stopped tagging my posts, and I’ve stopped uploading pictures with each of them, as I’ve slowly become more and more disinterested. But, as you’ll know about me by now, I’m obsessed with keeping a streak of any kind going.

So here’s to another 2,366, and another 100,000.

Until tomorrow, thanks for caring.


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