June 27th 2021 Today I’m not sure I have anything in the least bit interesting to write about. That’s not to imply that I believe that the stuff I usually write about is in any way interesting, but at least it’s usually something. Nothing happened to me today. It was completely uninteresting. And it was great. I followed up my nothing day yesterday with another day of doing nothing. Because I’ve decided to take a week off of running I didn’t even leave the flat again. I will do tomorrow though. I’ve had my rest week and now I need … Continue reading Uninteresting


June 26th 2021 Today I had the exact kind of lazy Saturday that I’ve been crying out for. I feel like I’ve been busy for all of June, and that I’m busy for all of July, so today I did nothing. I didn’t leave the house once. I didn’t get out of my pyjamas. I just sat around and did nothing. And it was brilliant. I’ve got about £40 left in my bank account for this month, and I’m still not feeling well from my weekend away in Liverpool last week, so I needed a quiet, cheap weekend full of … Continue reading Exact