June 30th 2021

Today I’m back from a night in Bath. I am feeling very happy right now, because for the past 36 hours I’ve basically just ate lovely food, walked around in the sun, and relaxed in the spa.

We stayed at the Gainsborough, which is a hotel far too fancy for me, but came with free use of the spa. Something something the only spa in the UK directly plugged into a hot spring. Which is cool.

There’s also hot baths and a sauna and a steam room but all three of those give me heart palpitations, so I mostly just splashed about in the pool under the jets.

As well as the spa, the food was great. We went for Vietnamese food today at Noya’s Kitchen, which is a place I’ve always wanted to go to in Bath.

It was worth the wait. I was too full from breakfast too eat all of it, and I was too full from last night’s dinner to eat all of my breakfast, and I was too full from drinking champagne to eat all of last night’s dinner.

It was a vicious cycle which proved that there is such thing as too much of a good thing. And there were so many good things. Autocorrect just changed that to “so many food things” which is also true.

Also we had ice cream, and we went used book shopping, and got coffee and sat and watched the weir.

Bath is a special place, and it was a special trip.

Until tomorrow, and until next time.


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