July 1st 2021

Today I remembered that I’ve got to run the Gloucester 10k at the weekend.

One positive effect of being forced to break my 413 day running streak a couple of weeks back is that it meant I could properly taper for the Gloucester 10k that I signed up to through work.

We’ve got like a team entering it, and even though I was committed to only running 5k every day, I figured I’d make an exception for the social running event.

And then I stopped running. Since my illness last Monday I haven’t been for a run at all, so I’m considering myself properly rested for the 10k.

I don’t know which would have been harder, a 10k after running 5k every day for what would’ve been nearly 430 days, or a 10k after having not run at all for 14 days.

Maybe I’ll surprise myself. I put my expected time down as 50 minutes, but mostly I’ll just be glad if I finish it. To be honest, I’ll mostly just be glad if I start it. I have two full days to come up with an excuse to not do it, and right now I can’t think of any.

Until tomorrow, I might have to just do it.


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