July 5th 2021

Today I sat at my office chair for 8 straight hours of back-to-back meetings. Every single minute of my day was accounted for by some form of video call.

I had three days off last week so I pushed a fair few of the meetings I cancelled last week onto today, but I am noticing that my calendar is becoming increasingly full at the moment. And weirdly I love that.

Meeting culture is polarising, because many people think they’re a distraction from doing any actual work, but I feel like I thrive off of them. Because a lot of what I’m doing at the moment is more directing what other people are doing, there’s not a great deal of “any actual work” for me. Meetings are my work at the moment.

Still, perhaps 8 straight hours is a bit much. I didn’t even get a lunch break. And I’ve just realised I didn’t even have my afternoon coffee.

It’s good though. I like my work. I’m good at it. And I get a lot out of it.

Yesterday was my 5th anniversary of working for this company, and I wouldn’t have lasted this long if I didn’t enjoy it. That said, you could accuse me of being too afraid of starting again somewhere else to ever really consider making a change, and you wouldn’t be totally inaccurate.


Until tomorrow, I’m tired now.


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