July 10th 2021 Today was the best I’ve ever played to lose a round of golf. Which makes me kind of happy but also kind of angry. I played a lot of good shots, and a lot of good holes, but just enough bad shots to play a few bad holes. I also missed a 1 foot putt to put us two holes up, and the thought of missing that putt haunted me for the next 10 holes. That’s just how I am. We played Cotswold Hills golf club. It was a long course, which played preferably to Members — … Continue reading Hills


July 9th 2021 Today marketing Fridays are back. Back in the office with some of my favourite people. For a bit. Back to Settebello for a lunch at our favourite restaurant. For a while. Back to the office for a gossip. For a bit. Then back home. Friday lunches used to get us through the week. Now it’s months between Friday lunches, so you have to enjoy them when they come around. Hopefully soon, we can go back to our weekly schedule. Until tomorrow, Settebello probably hope that too. Jacn Continue reading Fridays