July 10th 2021

Today was the best I’ve ever played to lose a round of golf. Which makes me kind of happy but also kind of angry. I played a lot of good shots, and a lot of good holes, but just enough bad shots to play a few bad holes.

I also missed a 1 foot putt to put us two holes up, and the thought of missing that putt haunted me for the next 10 holes. That’s just how I am.

We played Cotswold Hills golf club. It was a long course, which played preferably to Members — which we are not. A member would know the misses and the lines, whereas we played a lot of shots blind and with mostly hope over foresight.

I did play well though. The front nine I struck the ball more cleanly than I have in a long time, I was just poor with any club in my hand which ended in ‘wedge’.

From 100 yards I could not find a shot, but if you stumble across it, please let me know.

Until tomorrow, we have rematch in 7 days.


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