July 15th 2021

Today instead of spending time, energy or effort into fixing or replacing the broken key on my keyboard, I’m just teaching myself to write sentences which don’t include the letter that doesn’t work. I can still lean across to my laptop to press the key, but that takes more effort. The lazy way is to just change how I construct sentences and write more in the present tense. So that’s what I’m doing.

Mostly, it’s working well. I don’t think that reading this blog you’ll, maybe, be able to tell which letter I’m trying not to use. You’ll only know because you read me write about it like a week ago, and, no I’m still yet to fix it. But you know that. Because you’re reading this one too.

So, if you’d been sent an email or a chat message from me today, maybe it might sound strange. (To be fair, that last sentence was a stretch) And to that I’d say… buy me a new keyboard?

Until tomorrow, this is not sustainable.


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