July 18th 2021

Today for about 12 holes i played the least enjoyable golf of my life. We played Hampton Court Palace Golf Club, and the hay was back. T

he roughs were basically knee-high reeds which meant that if you pushed a ball into it, you’d lost it. Or on the off chance you found the ball, it was basically unplayable.

And then of course, I just kept pushing my drives right into the rough and losing the balls. I think I’ve left about £15 worth of balls somewhere in those roughs.

On the front nine I mostly just got unlucky. I shouldn’t have lost some of the balls from what where relatively decent tee shots. It was just bad luck.

Back nine I let it get into my head, and I tried so hard to avoid the rough it meant that it was all I could think about. I’m lining up saying to myself “don’t go into the rough DONT go into the rough”

And then I would. and then I’d spend five minutes walking around in the hay with the cicadas and the stingers, attempting to find a ball. My feet and legs are covered in scratches and bites.

On like hole 14 I told myself that if the ball went in the hay I wouldn’t even bother looking for it, and I’d just write off the hole and take a drop from the fairway. Annoyingly, because that meant I was no longer so worried about the rough, I started to avoid it because it wasnt in my head, and played like 4 decent holes.

The course was pretty enough, and we’ll maintained, thanks to some beautiful green keepers:

Of which there were many:

It was just a completely unforgiving course which require you to hit a lot straighter than I was capable of today.

Until tomorrow, but still a great day out.


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