July 21st 2021

Today I’m slightly confused because I’ve started wearing shit shirts on video calls and yet I keep being complimented on them??

Mostly, I’m wearing them because they’re flowy and the material is really airy (first time in my life I’ve typed either of those words), and it’s fucking well hot at the moment so I need to wear something that I’m not going to swear through.

It’s a bit of a gamble tho because they’re the kind of shirts I’d either wear to a rave, or to a designated shit-shirt night on a lads holiday. And yet, over the past 2 days I’ve had compliments on them from 3 separate people.

And that’s, like, notable. Guys don’t really get complimented much, especially those with really average facial features like mine.

That’s not even self deprecating, I’m just constantly told “I saw someone the other day who looks just like you!”, which leads me to believe I have the world’s most average face. I mean, it’s 2021 and I look like a white guy with a beard and glasses. That’s hardly a distinguished look.

Anyway. Apparently what sets me apart now is a collection of shirts that I‘s previously thought were mostly hideous, so I’m probably just gonna roll with that now.

Until tomorrow, ASOS, I’m coming.


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