July 25th 2021 Today we had a family barbecue for the first time in what feels like years. It probably feels like years because it has been years. That is how time works. Grandad seems worse. He has Alzheimer’s, and maybe it’s just because I’ve not seen him in a while, or maybe he’s just not used to being around people, but it seemed worse today. He asked me 6 times in 20 minutes whose the black car was that was parked outside. He repeatedly asked my sister why she wears her watch on her right arm. On top of … Continue reading Repeatedly


July 24th 2021 Today, as I often tend to do, I thought about the Truman Show. I wondered whether, if my life were part of some Truman Show-style experiment, anyone would still be watching. If I were the main character of a manufactured TV show of my life, would the audience have sat and watched me flop around my flat for 12 hours today, mindlessly browsing the Internet and playing Football Manager for hours and hours? Surely today’s viewing figures would have been low. There are aspects, and facets, of my life which would be, I’d imagine, at least somewhat … Continue reading Audience