July 24th 2021

Today, as I often tend to do, I thought about the Truman Show. I wondered whether, if my life were part of some Truman Show-style experiment, anyone would still be watching.

If I were the main character of a manufactured TV show of my life, would the audience have sat and watched me flop around my flat for 12 hours today, mindlessly browsing the Internet and playing Football Manager for hours and hours? Surely today’s viewing figures would have been low.

There are aspects, and facets, of my life which would be, I’d imagine, at least somewhat entertaining to watch. But there are also days like today, which I wouldn’t even sit through. And I literally did sit through it.

With the Truman Show in mind, I should probably put effort into giving the people better TV, so to speak.

Sometimes I kinda do that with this blog. Sometimes in a day I’ll do something just to have something to write about in this blog. It doesn’t have to be a massive event; if you’ve been here a while you’ll have seen me make a blog post out of anything.

Sometimes I write things because I know that certain people will read it. Sometimes that works.

But that ever present sense of audience is strange, and probably quite unique to my life. Often I’ll have a conversation with one of my friends or family members and they’ll quote something from my life, and it will freak me out for the five or so seconds it takes me to remember that they’d read about it on this blog.

Sometimes people who know about this blog will quote something around someone who doesn’t know about this blog, and then there’s this weird floating quote hanging in the air that no one knows quite what to do with.

That said, there is a lot of stuff that happens in my life that doesn’t end up in this blog. And that’s the stuff you’d only see on TV. If you chose to tune in, that is.

Until tomorrow, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.


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