July 26th 2021

Today I got irrationally angry and threw a cup in the sink. I’m not an angry person, really. I get sad, or morose, or introspective, or sarcastic, but I don’t tend to get outright angry. So what caused my sudden outburst? Well, tiredness probably. But also my coffee machine. It spurted air out unexpectedly and sprayed ground coffee all over the kitchen side. That was it, really. So I threw my cup at the sink.

Dunno why.

Seems daft now I think about it. I even followed it up by slapping the tap. I don’t know in what way that helped me deal with anything, really. I don’t even really think there was anything to deal with. I just didn’t sleep well and I probably have all this pent up energy from not having run for what feels like 3 months but is probably closer to 4 weeks.

Then like half an hour later I lost a game of chess and threw my phone at the sofa. I don’t know why my default reaction is to throw. But I do appreciate that in the fit of random rage, I at least had the foresight to aim my phone at the sofa instead of the wall.

Until tomorrow, if it broke I would have thrown it again.


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