August 31st 2021 Today I realised I have 24 holiday days to use by the end of the year. So, on that note… Wake Me Up When September Ends. Lol get it? Anyway. Seriously I have 24 days to use. Are there even 24 days left in this year? It’s been a long one so it’s hard to know. I’m going to Latvia at the end of September and instead of just taking the 2 days I’ve booked decided to take the whole week. So that’ll be 5 days used. Meaning I still have 19 left. What else can I … Continue reading Days


August 30th 2021 Today was (and is) my friend Jim’s birthday, so we went out for dinner with his family. Giggling Squid. Thai food. Pretty good. Here’s Jim: What a lemon. He’ll be reading this tomorrow morning, so this is essentially my version of a birthday card. So… Dear Jim, Happy birthday Love Norm xx Until tomorrow, I’ve never been very good at writing cards. Norm Continue reading Giggling


August 29th 2021 Today it seems like the whole country is at a music festival of some sort. Or at least, everyone I follow on Instagram is at a music festival of some sort. Or at least, like 10 people I follow on Instagram are at a music festival of some sort. I mean, I guess it is August bank holiday weekend. That’s when music festivals happen in the UK, so it makes sense. I suppose I just kinda forgot they were a thing that we could do again. Conversely, I didn’t leave the flat today. Actually that’s a lie. … Continue reading Negative


August 28th 2021 Today I took a covid test. That was an experience. I’ve been feeling rough and a friend of mine tested positive, so it seemed worthwhile. It’s the first one I’ve ever done, actually. I booked one of those walk-through PCR ones so had to go to a test centre. It’s a weird vibe. When I got there all I could hear was the sound of someone gagging until they puked, which was kind of offputting. “It’s not that bad!” the volunteer said, trying to reassure me. And, tbf, it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t pleasant, but I … Continue reading Test


August 27th 2021 Today I cooked a steak to make myself feel better. I stood at the meat shelf in tesco for a solid 10 minutes trying to figure out what cut I wanted. In the end I realised that I’m a 27 year old man and if I want to spend the extra money to get a fillet then I should. It was totally worth it. Fuck it. Treat yourself. Get a fillet. Fillet is so good. I flirted with getting rump because it’s a cheaper alternative and usually larger, but it can also be gristly and poorer quality. … Continue reading Finest


August 26th 2021 Today I’m ill. No, autocorrect. Not “I’ll”. Ill. I feel horrendous. You can tell that I feel shit because I’ve actually taken four cold and flu tablets today, and usually I’m a sufferer not a treater. I wouldn’t say I suffer in silence because I tend to make a big deal out of it. But I’m never usually ill. But I feel rundown and stressed and tired and sad and sleepy and awful. So I’m gonna try to get to sleep even though it’s somehow a bajillion degrees in my bedroom. Until tomorrow, night. Jacn Continue reading Ill


August 25th 2021 Today I snuck in a round of golf after work. I’m trying my best to get one of my work mates into golf so that I have someone to join a club with, and so far it’s working. We’ve graduated from the range to the course in just two weeks. He’s a long way from competition standard, but then again so am I. We played a short 9 hole course and I stunk the place up. Fun though, just kinda messing about and playing for the sake of it without taking anything too seriously. Until tomorrow, more … Continue reading Snuck


August 24th 2021 Today I played Tuesday Night Football with my dad for the first time in like two years. It was especially nice because it meant I wasn’t thinking about work for an hour. Instead I was concentrating on trying not to embarrass myself in front of Dad’s friends. I had a stressful day at work. I’m done thinking about it and talking about it, but also I can’t do anything but think about it or talk about it. I just want to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow and forget it, but I also feel physically sick … Continue reading Priorities


August 23rd 2021 Today I’ve been thinking a lot about the multiverse. I’m reading a Matt Haig book called The Midnight Library and it’s all about how each decision we make in our lives has a ripple effect on the outcome. And how if you make one slightly different choice, the path you end up on is completely different. Now, I’m not saying that Matt Haig stole my idea or anything, but that is literally the premise of the book that I wrote when I was 19: (Sidenote, while we’re here, I’ve just gone on Amazon to find that link … Continue reading Multiverse


August 22nd 2021 Today I feel like I should start a cleanse. I won’t, but I should. I need a health cleanse and a brain cleanse and a work cleanse and tbh my kitchen could do with a cleanse as well. I briefly for a five second window considered going vegan. Not ideal. Since I stopped running every day I feel unhealthy. I’m again really annoyed at myself for stopping that streak, but tbf I couldn’t get out of bed after I’d come home from Liverpool with food poisoning. Tho today I asked one of the boys who I was … Continue reading Vindicated