August 2nd 2021

Today I celebratorially (not a word) embraced the return of leg pain and muscle stiffness. It has been a while since my legs hurt, and my muscles were stiff, and I have missed it.

Because it means something is working. It means that I have done something which has put strain on my muscles, and pressure on my joints. I have worked out. They have worked. They have found use once again.

I literally waited until it was pouring with rain today to go for my run because A) I wanted to prove to myself that if I can run in the pouring rain I can run at any point. I have the mental willpower to keep going. And B) I low-key kinda enjoy running in the rain anyway. Which I guess takes some of the emphasis away from point A.

I’ve been back running for two days and I feel better. Or I’m just telling myself that I’m feeling better. Either way, my legs hurt, and my muscles ache.

Until tomorrow, for today that should be celebrated.


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