August 3rd 2021

Today I taught my friend how to play golf. He’s been asking me to take him to the driving range for a while, and I happily obliged for completely selfish reasons. Basically I want more friends who play golf, which would allow me to play more golf. So I’m teaching him.

I was actually surprised with how competent a teacher I turned out to be. Bear in mind that this guy has never swung a club in his life, I took him from airshots to 100 yards in just over an hour.

I thought I’d be a crap teacher because I have historically been a crap teacher. At uni I was really bad at helping my friends with coursework because I’d just be like “how can you not get it”. Because in my head, if I could understand it then of course someone else would be able to.

So at the beginning I was mostly just like “swing the club and see what happens”, because honestly I don’t think about what I’m doing when I play golf, I just swing.

So I had to break it down for him into the fundamental aspects of a golf swing, and in the end he was doing pretty well. He was consistently hitting the ball straight at a reasonable distance.

The left arm could be straighter. The right elbow needs some kink. His knees are nicely bent and his feet are a shoulders width apart. Perhaps stand a little closer to the ball. Open the club face on the backswing a tad.

I think we’re going to go every week, which is a nice excuse for me to get some practice in too.

Until tomorrow, for today I was the teacher.


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