August 4th 2021

Today I ate healthy food again. I’ve been really bored of cooking for a while and haven’t put any effort into it at all, which has meant eating pretty crappy food. But today I went healthy. Ish.

There’s like at least 4 different green things in that bowl. Plus mushrooms are an honorary green. Plus peanuts which are healthy. Chickens good too. And rice. Okay that meal got less healthy as it went through, but recently I’ve been eating a lot of the four ancient Roman pastas, and those definitely aren’t healthy considering the main ingredients are cheese, oil, and pancetta.

Shoutout the ancient Romans.

Shoutout the Japanese.

Shoutout purple sprouting broccoli. Roast in sesame oil and salt. Trust me. It bangs.

Until tomorrow, maybe salt and oil aren’t healthy actually.


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