August 8th 2021 Today we began the tradition of “Spence and Norm go to a different pub every three or four weeks and have a roast dinner and a couple of beers” We’re still working on the name, but it pretty accurately describes the premise. You see, it works like this: Every three or four weeks Spence and I are going to go to a different pub and have a roast dinner and a couple of beers. Today was the Royal Oak in Prestbury. A best-of both roast of topside of beef and loin of pork, with assorted trimmings (including … Continue reading Oak


August 7th 2021 Today I both gave and received the advice “you cannot take care of someone else if you do not first take care of yourself”. The wording was potentially different but the sentiment was the same. It is easy to give that advice, but more difficult to heed it. My follow-up would be: do it all, without priority. Look after yourself. Look after the ones you love. Let the ones you love look after you. Until tomorrow, again, easy to say, hard to do. Jacn Continue reading Care