August 10th 2021

Today I started using my sister’s Apple TV and was reminded how annoying serialised TV is.

The main reason I asked for her details was to watch Ted Lasso, as there was a new season out and I’d heard good things about the first: it’s Bill Lawrence, it’s about football. Say no more.

So I binged season one in literally an evening (in reality this story started at the weekend but you should know by now that I always start a blog post with “today”), and then started to watch season two. After episode three, though, instead of rolling over into the next episode like I’d come to expect, it flashed up with “new episode coming Friday”

What the fuck, Apple.

It’s 2021. By now I have come to expect that if I click play on a season of a TV show I can watch it in one sitting because that is my decision okay.

I get that maybe you want to build hype between episodes but it’s not fucking Breaking Bad is it. It’s Jason Sudeikis and a funny accent being a clown. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, and I like it more than I thought I would, but making me wait a week between episodes is definitely going to mean that I forget to carry on watching it.

There’s a reason we moved away from that “one episode a week” model. Netflix doesn’t pull that shit on me. Netflix knows that I have nothing else to do tonight and so if I want to click play on episode one then that means that I also want to be able to click stop six hours later after episode 12.

Will I watch the new episode when it comes out on Friday?

Until tomorrow, probably, but I won’t be happy about it.


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