August 11th 2021

Today I was on a management training course and had to prepare a 5-minute introductory presentation.

Now see, I absolutely hate talking about myself.

“But James!” you say. “Aren’t I reading your blog, where you talk about yourself and your life on a daily basis to the entire internet?”

Well yes, but writing about myself is a lot different from talking about myself. When I write I have time to be measured and specific. When I talk I ramble and mumble.

So instead of preparing a speech, I made a video. It was my boss’s idea, and by the time it had gotten to be my turn to introduce myself, I thought that maybe I’d overdone it. The previous three hadn’t even produced accompanying slides, they just spoke aloud.

But that’s what I was trying to avoid doing by making the video, so on my turn, I pressed play:

(There’s a strong likelihood that that video isn’t going to load)

I think it was worth the effort. The people who’s faces I could see on the video call seemed to enjoy it. And, to be fair, I enjoyed making it. It was nice to have an excuse to create something. I don’t create much stuff anymore. I’ve kinda shifted back towards the analytical side of my personality and away from the creative one.

So spending an afternoon on iMovie putting together that video was good fun. I’m pretty proud of what I created too.

I think some of the more British references in it were perhaps lost on the international colleagues in the training, but I didn’t make it for them, I made it for me.

Until tomorrow, i think the video link did work after all.


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