August 14th 2021

Today I became a Cheltenham Town FC fan. The quality of the football was not equivalent to the £25 entrance fee, but it was kinda nice to be around a crowd again. Even if there Wycombe crowd were better. I can say that because I am not an official Robins fan yet.

It’s slightly awkward that my home town club are also called the Robins, but they’re in League Two so fuck them. Cheltenham are League One so I’m clearly a glory supporter.

Spence wants a season ticket. I don’t know if I’m that committed, but I guess it was quite nice to be in a stadium with 3859 other people. Covid? Fuck covid.

Luckily it wasn’t sold out (it will never be) because my legs were too big to fit between my seat and the seat in front of me. We were in the Autovillage stand, if that helps you narrow it down.

Also the burger was good.

Until tomorrow, Alfie May is a player.


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