August 18th 2021 Today for a short while I led face down on my living room rug. It was surprisingly comfortable, and oddly relaxing. Though when I stood up, I was completely covered in fluff. It had stuck to me like a sticky thing. I don’t know why my reaction to stress is to lie on the floor, but it’s kinda always been a thing. I guess there’s a vulnerability to it. Or an ignorance. Lying on the floor is a way to ignore the world that’s happening in three dimensions, and restrict it to only two. Thats like an … Continue reading Axis


August 17th 2021 Today the universe woke me up in the middle of the night because it had realised I’d fallen asleep without writing a blog. The command hooks on the back of my door which hold up my coats had all fallen down with a crash, waking me up. See, I’d got home from dinner pretty drunk (cocktails, on a Tuesday night?) and kinda just immediately passed out. I had to search for my phone to write this. At least I didn’t completely forget. Until tomorrow, thanks, universe. Jacn Continue reading Universe