August 20th 2021

Today I bounced back. I’ve had a shit week but a good Friday. I spent most of my evening solving a problem that I’ve been struggling with for ages, and I can now concretely prove that the last two months of my work life haven’t been a complete waste of time. So that’s good.

I have a report that I’ve needed to put together for a meeting on Monday, and I was cramming to finish it this evening because I’m gonna be on the bevs in Cardiff all weekend, and something about the satisfaction of figuring something out made me feel good.

Plus I drank a whole load of water and ate a literal load of veg. It was a healthy day, as well as a good day. And I slept well.

I did break my (personal not work) laptop by dropping it on the floor, so that’s less good, but I’m trying not to think about that. Also at the last minute the meeting was rescheduled to Tuesday so I coulda just done the work on Monday, but I’m also trying not to think about that.

It feels kinda counter productive to now go sloth about drinking beer in Cardiff, but also it feels like a reward.

Until tomorrow, bounce back.


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