August 21st 2021

Today I started too early. We’re in Cardiff for the night, and we started drinking on the train. As it turns out, that was a mistake.

I keep having to “go outside for five” to snooze standing up.

I am currently “outside for five”, snoozing but sat down. I’m at the end of chippy alley. Do you know it? It’s quite the sight in a Saturday night.

My hotel is somewhere close. After the train beers we did a bar crawl of Simon’s (Duffs stepdad) bars. The plus side is we didn’t have to pay for a drink all night. The downside is when you don’t have to pay for a drink you end up “going outside for five” a lot to chill out.

I started out really drunk, but by this point I’m just tired.

Until tomorrow, I should find the hotel.


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