August 22nd 2021

Today I feel like I should start a cleanse. I won’t, but I should. I need a health cleanse and a brain cleanse and a work cleanse and tbh my kitchen could do with a cleanse as well.

I briefly for a five second window considered going vegan. Not ideal.

Since I stopped running every day I feel unhealthy. I’m again really annoyed at myself for stopping that streak, but tbf I couldn’t get out of bed after I’d come home from Liverpool with food poisoning. Tho today I asked one of the boys who I was with in Liverpool how he felt after our dodgy breakfast at a greasy spoon cafe, and he said he was also struggling. So I feel vindicated for my vomit.

Also, can someone give me some new recipes? Fill me with veg and vitamins instead of beer and weetabix.

Until tomorrow, is beer vegan?


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