August 23rd 2021

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about the multiverse. I’m reading a Matt Haig book called The Midnight Library and it’s all about how each decision we make in our lives has a ripple effect on the outcome. And how if you make one slightly different choice, the path you end up on is completely different.

Now, I’m not saying that Matt Haig stole my idea or anything, but that is literally the premise of the book that I wrote when I was 19:

(Sidenote, while we’re here, I’ve just gone on Amazon to find that link and have seen that someone is reselling a second hand copy of my book. Which both fascinates and intrigues me.)

In it, the theme I explore is decision trees. How each branch is a combination of a multitude of minute decisions, which each end at a slightly different outcome. What’s difficult, is that at the time of making the decision, you don’t get to know what impact it has in the future. You don’t get to see the result of all the paths. You only ever get to see one path. And that’s hard.

Don’t get me wrong, Matt Haig has done a much better job of exploring that concept than I ever did. In a way, it’s kinda validating to know that a concept I deemed worth writing about was also deemed worth writing about by a multi-million copy best seller.

It also would have been validating if I were the multi-million copy best seller, but them’s the breaks.

Until tomorrow, maybe in a different timeline I am.


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