August 27th 2021

Today I cooked a steak to make myself feel better. I stood at the meat shelf in tesco for a solid 10 minutes trying to figure out what cut I wanted.

In the end I realised that I’m a 27 year old man and if I want to spend the extra money to get a fillet then I should.

It was totally worth it. Fuck it. Treat yourself. Get a fillet. Fillet is so good. I flirted with getting rump because it’s a cheaper alternative and usually larger, but it can also be gristly and poorer quality. Fillet is gooood.

I got the finest fillet. I didn’t get butcher counter fillet because A) I’m not made of money and B) I don’t like talking to butchers. They ask questions about how thick I want it and idk boss, you’re the meat dude you tell me what an appropriate thickness is.


Look how pink:

10/10 steak, that. Probably the best I’ve ever cooked. Controversially, I used fry-lite spray instead of oil. It kinda worked. 3 minutes top side, 2 minutes bottom. Baste in garlic + butter. Let it rest for 5. Moan in delight as you take the first bite.

Until tomorrow, treat yourself.


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