August 28th 2021

Today I took a covid test. That was an experience. I’ve been feeling rough and a friend of mine tested positive, so it seemed worthwhile. It’s the first one I’ve ever done, actually. I booked one of those walk-through PCR ones so had to go to a test centre.

It’s a weird vibe.

When I got there all I could hear was the sound of someone gagging until they puked, which was kind of offputting. “It’s not that bad!” the volunteer said, trying to reassure me.

And, tbf, it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t pleasant, but I didn’t vomit. If you’ve not done one; you have to stick an oversized cotton bud down your throat and tickle your tonsils, and then stick it up your nose for 15 seconds. Both weird sensations.

All in, it’s a pretty slick operation, but it gets super super weird if you think about it too much. Like, you have to put the cotton bud in a ziploc bagged labelled “hazardous” with all those signs on it. And like, yeah I guess it could be hazardous, so it’s just weird to think that I’m walking around with that.

Anyway. I find out my results tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, fingers crossed.


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